Passing Orders

Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Warfare

Demonization has increasingly become central to the global religious and political landscape. Passing Orders interrogates this centrality through an analysis of evangelical “spiritual warfare” demonologies in contemporary America, which imagine the world as built on a clash between spiritual forces—good and evil, light and darkness, God and Devil—that humans are ensnared in and compelled by. Situating spiritual warfare as part of broader frameworks of American exceptionalism, ethnonationalism, and empire-management, author S. Jonathon O’Donnell exposes the theological foundations of the systems of queer- and transphobia, antiblackness, Islamophobia, and settler colonialism that justify the dehumanizing practices of the current US political order. 

Drawing political theology into dialogue with queer, critical race, and decolonial theory, O’Donnell argues that demonologies are not only tools of dehumanization but ontological and biopolitical systems that create and maintain structures of sovereign power, or orthotaxies—models of the “right ordering” of space, time, and bodies that stratify humanity into hierarchies of being and nonbeing. Alternative orders are demonized as passing, framed as counterfeit, transgressive, and transient. Yet these orders refuse to simply pass on, instead giving strength to deviant desires that challenge the legitimacy of sovereign violence. Critically examining this challenge in the demonologies of three figures—Jezebel, the Islamic Antichrist, and Leviathan—Passing Orders explores how demons exceed their designated function as self-consolidating others, unsettling sovereignty’s claims over reality to envision new futures that might yet be forged. As such, this groundbreaking work reimagines demons as a surprising source of political and social resistance, reflecting fragile and fractious communities bound by mutual passing and precarity into strategic coalitions of solidarity, subversion, and survival.

Praise for Passing Orders

“This beautifully written, sophisticated analysis of spiritual warfare writing illuminates much about the colonial, white-supremacist state of the contemporary United States. S. Jonathon O’Donnell takes us into this genre of apocalyptic thought and compels us to pay attention to its deep political hold. Drawing on insights from critical race theory, decolonial theory, and critical theory, O’Donnell shows how prophecy writers try to fend off difference yet are ultimately compromised by, or implicated in, the very uncertainty and oppression that they seek to forestall. A must read for those seeking to understand the influence of apocalyptic thought on U.S. politics.”

Erin Runions, author of The Babylon Complex: Theopolitical Fantasies of War, Sex, and Sovereignty.

“A well-written and engaging examination of American spiritual warfare texts that provides a compelling theoretical intervention, one that reveals the fissures cracking the formative logics of U.S. nation state sovereignty and its binaries of good/evil, insider/outsider, and pure/impure.”

Sean McCloud, author of American Possessions: Fighting Demons in the Contemporary United States

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