Invited Lectures


‘And the World was Changed: The Nephilim and the Crises of Civilisation.’ Lecture for Romancing the Gothic. April 17, 2021. Available online at:


‘Worlding Hell: American Demonologies of Race and Empire.’ Lecture for Romancing the Gothic. September 19, 2020. Available online at:


‘American Demons: Demonology and Sovereignty in Current American Evangelism.’ 30 Oct. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

‘The Deliverance of the Administrative State: Political Demonology in Trump’s America.’ 31 Jan. University of Leeds, UK.

Conference Presentations


‘Paradise Has Walls: Sovereignty, Security, and Demonology in US Evangelicalism.’ The Conference at the End of the World. 14 July. Online.

‘Worlding Hell: (Un)Settling the Demonological Frontiers of American Spiritual Warfare.’ SOCREL2020. 14–16 July. University of York, UK. Postponed due to Covid-19.

‘The Great Supersession: Racialization and Replacement in US Evangelical Islamophobia.’ The Politics of Replacement. 28–29 June. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Postponed due to Covid-19.

‘Paradise Has Walls: Sovereignty, Securitization, and Demonology in US Evangelicalism.’ EAAS2020. 2–3 May. University of Warsaw, Poland. Postponed due to Covid-19.


‘“Their Diabolical Resolve”: Demonology and Crisis in Contemporary America.’ Alternative Realities. 13–14 Dec. University College Dublin, Ireland.

‘Racialization, Anti-Urbanism, and the Demonization of Resistance in America Today.’ Racism and Religion. 6–8 Nov. Uppsala University, Sweden. 

‘And the World was Changed: Racialization, Techno-Demonology, and the Watcher Myth.’ ISASR2019. 11 Oct. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

‘The Return of the Nephilim: Demonology, Technology, and the Crises of Civilization.’ BASR2019. 2–4 Sep. Leeds Trinity University, UK.

‘The Devil and the Deep Sea: Navigating Neo-Charismatic Eco-Demonologies.’ EASR2019. 25–29 Jun. University of Tartu, Estonia.

‘Oceanic Calamity and Chastisement in Contemporary American Demonology.’ ISSRNC2019. 13–16 Jun. University College Cork, Ireland.

‘Cyrus Against the Globalists: Neo-Charismatic Demonology and Authoritarian Politics.’ BAAS2019. 25–27 Apr. University of Sussex, UK.

God’s Useful Idiot: Anti-Government Demonology in Trump’s America.’ IAAS2019. 12–13 Apr. University College Cork, Ireland.


‘Dethrone & Rewrite: Authoritarianism, Border Security, and Spiritual Warfare.’ BASR-ISASR2018. 3–5 Sep. Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

‘Satan, Samurai, and the Sun Goddess: Shinto and/in Neo-Charismatic Spiritual Warfare.’ ASCJ2018. 30 Jun–1 Jul. International Christian University, Japan. 

‘Border Li(n)es: Demonology, Hegemony, and Securitization in Post-Truth America.’ AAGS 2018. 2–4 Mar. Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan.


‘Overcoming Jezebel: The 2016 Election as Holy Time for American Neo-Charismatics.’ The 6th International Conference on Values in Religion: Holy Times in Religion. 2 Dec. Doshisha University, Japan.


‘Sacred Selves, Satanic Societies: Clashing Agencies in US Islamophobic Conspiracism.’ BASR2015. 7–9 Sept. University of Kent, UK.

‘Satan, Samurai, and the Sun Goddess: Shinto and/in Neo-‘View(s) from the High Place: The Demon as Mirror of Humanity in Secular Modernity.’ Political Theology. 10–12 Jul. Liverpool Hope University, UK.

‘The Idol That Therefore I Am: Contesting Origination in Apocalyptic Bioconservatism.’ Being Non/Human: Bodily Borders. 17 Jun. Queen Mary University of London, UK.

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