Invited Lectures


‘Demons of Imperial Decline: Demonology and Sovereignty in the Contemporary USA.’ University College Cork, November 11, 2021. Available online at:

‘And the World was Changed: The Nephilim and the Crises of Civilisation.’ Lecture for Romancing the Gothic. April 17, 2021. Available online at:


‘Worlding Hell: American Demonologies of Race and Empire.’ Lecture for Romancing the Gothic. September 19, 2020. Available online at:


‘American Demons: Demonology and Sovereignty in Current American Evangelism.’ 30 Oct. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

‘The Deliverance of the Administrative State: Political Demonology in Trump’s America.’ 31 Jan. University of Leeds, UK.

Conference Presentations


‘Witchcraft and the Woman of Destiny: Gender, Integrity, and Selfhood in White Women’s Spiritual Warfare Texts.’ EASR 2022. 27 Jun.–1 Jul. University College Cork, Ireland.

‘Damned Ecologies: Evangelical Climate Skepticism in Christian Nationalist Times.’ Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion. 10–13 Jun. Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

‘The Demonological Frontier: Darkness, Light, and Sovereignty in US Spiritual Warfare.’ IAAS 2022. 29–30 April. Dublin City University, Ireland.

‘Jezebel’s Witchcraft(s): Forging Community at Evangelical Demonology’s Queer Limits.’ 4th UCR Conference on Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion. 18–20 Feb. University of California Riverside, USA.


Remapping American Demonologies with Queer and Black Studies: Delineating Deviation, Articulating Absence.’ BASR2021. 6–7 September. University of Edinburgh, UK.

‘The Great Supersession: Racialization and Replacement in US Evangelical Islamophobia.’ The Politics of Replacement. 28–29 June. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

‘Racialisation and Rebellion in Conservative Evangelical Reactions to Black Lives Matter.’ Implicit Religion UK 2021. 21–23 May. Online.


‘Paradise Has Walls: Sovereignty, Security, and Demonology in US Evangelicalism.’ The Conference at the End of the World. 14 July. Online.


‘“Their Diabolical Resolve”: Demonology and Crisis in Contemporary America.’ Alternative Realities. 13–14 Dec. University College Dublin, Ireland.

‘Racialization, Anti-Urbanism, and the Demonization of Resistance in America Today.’ Racism and Religion. 6–8 Nov. Uppsala University, Sweden. 

‘And the World was Changed: Racialization, Techno-Demonology, and the Watcher Myth.’ ISASR2019. 11 Oct. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

‘The Return of the Nephilim: Demonology, Technology, and the Crises of Civilization.’ BASR2019. 2–4 Sep. Leeds Trinity University, UK.

‘The Devil and the Deep Sea: Navigating Neo-Charismatic Eco-Demonologies.’ EASR2019. 25–29 Jun. University of Tartu, Estonia.

‘Oceanic Calamity and Chastisement in Contemporary American Demonology.’ ISSRNC2019. 13–16 Jun. University College Cork, Ireland.

‘Cyrus Against the Globalists: Neo-Charismatic Demonology and Authoritarian Politics.’ BAAS2019. 25–27 Apr. University of Sussex, UK.

God’s Useful Idiot: Anti-Government Demonology in Trump’s America.’ IAAS2019. 12–13 Apr. University College Cork, Ireland.


‘Dethrone & Rewrite: Authoritarianism, Border Security, and Spiritual Warfare.’ BASR-ISASR2018. 3–5 Sep. Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

‘Satan, Samurai, and the Sun Goddess: Shinto and/in Neo-Charismatic Spiritual Warfare.’ ASCJ2018. 30 Jun–1 Jul. International Christian University, Japan. 

‘Border Li(n)es: Demonology, Hegemony, and Securitization in Post-Truth America.’ AAGS 2018. 2–4 Mar. Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan.


‘Overcoming Jezebel: The 2016 Election as Holy Time for American Neo-Charismatics.’ The 6th International Conference on Values in Religion: Holy Times in Religion. 2 Dec. Doshisha University, Japan.


‘Sacred Selves, Satanic Societies: Clashing Agencies in US Islamophobic Conspiracism.’ BASR2015. 7–9 Sept. University of Kent, UK.

‘Satan, Samurai, and the Sun Goddess: Shinto and/in Neo-‘View(s) from the High Place: The Demon as Mirror of Humanity in Secular Modernity.’ Political Theology. 10–12 Jul. Liverpool Hope University, UK.

‘The Idol That Therefore I Am: Contesting Origination in Apocalyptic Bioconservatism.’ Being Non/Human: Bodily Borders. 17 Jun. Queen Mary University of London, UK.

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